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Companies Beginning With Letter J

J.J. Potts: Makers of Shroomyz, brightly handpainted ceramic garden mushrooms.

J.J. Weston: Gentlemen's accessories including tie tacks, cuff links, and key rings.

J.K. Adams Co.: Beautiful and functional wooden products for the kitchen, including spice racks, wine racks, cutting boards and servers, rolling pins, and kitchen furniture.

J.L. Powell: Casual men's slacks and jeans, mostly made in USA. Other items are a mix of imported and USA made.

J.W. Hulme Co.: Leather and canvas luggage, bags, briefcases, purses, and sporting bags.

Jack Rogers Shoes: Navajo and daisy sandals for women and girls, available in a number of color combinations.

Jackson Kayak: This family-owned company makes kayaks for whitewater and flat-water paddlers in their TN facility.

Jakfish: Maternity active wear featuring tops with side-zips and underbelly waistband, made from American-made Polartec fabrics.

Japenese Weekend: Beautiful maternity and contemporary apparel.

Jensen Steam Engines: Model steam engines, steam turbines & miniature power generating plants.

Jiffy Steamer: Travel, home, and professional steamers for removing wrinkles from clothing, draperies, and tablecloths.

Jita Swim and Island Wear: Handmade female swimwear, sarongs and casual clothing, including hemp clothing.

JLM Couture: Bridesmaids dresses, bridal gowns and formal dresses with hallmark craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics and perfectly cut silhouettes made in New York's garment district.

Joes Jeans: Women's and men's jeans, shirts, and pants.

John Boos: Makers of maple and oak butcher block kitchen furniture.

Johnson Woolen Mills: Buffalo plaid shirt jackets, coats, and overalls made for the outdoorsman.

Jon Kammerer Guitars: Custom guitars.

Joneswares: Makers of wool cycling jerseys, tops, shorts and tights.

Jordan Essentials: Skin Care and bath products made from natural and botanical ingredients

Joseph Abboud: Fine menswear including high quality suits, blazers, and slacks, all union made in the USA.

JSG Oceana: Decorative glass kitchen and bath products, including spectacular sinks and glass tiles, art glass, and dinnerware that is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

JUARA Skin Care: Skin Care products inspired by Indonesian botanicals such as black tea, tamarind, ginger, sandalwood and jasmine.

Jug Funnel: Made by Practical Polymers, this threaded funnel attaches to containers to allow safe pouring of liquids during food preparation or storing.

Jug Funnel: Made by Practical Polymers, this threaded funnel attaches to containers to allow safe pouring of lawn chemicals, de-icers, or grass seed.

Jump Rope Store: The original plastic segmented jump rope, available in custom colors, single or group orders.

JustNatural: Organic skin and hair care products, made in USA with botanicals from around the world.