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Companies Beginning With Letter P

P.W. Minor: Xtra Depth footwear for people with diabetes, arthritis, or foot trauma. Please note, some products are imported.

Pacific Rack & Machine: Tools and accessories for the home woodworking shop.

Pacific Rim Woodworking: Solid maple furniture, handmade from Western Maple grown in managed forests in Washington and Oregon.

Pairpoint Glass: America's oldest glassworks, making beautiful glass objects, including vases, bowls, perfume bottles, figurines, and friendship balls.

Palmor Products, Inc.: Makers of Trac-Vac lawn vacuums and accessories for garden tractors and zero-turn mowers.

Park Tool: Bicycle repair tools made in USA.

Park Tool: Bicycle repair tools made in USA.

Parke New York: Online luxury jeans brand using selvedge denim

Patemm: Round diaper-changing pads that fold into a 10-inch square with handles- great for carrying spare diapers, wipes and a change of clothes.

Patio Furniture Cushions: Patio cushions and umbrellas made in USA with American-made outdoor fabrics and fibers, including replacement cushions for most major brands.

Patsy Aiken Designs: Collection of children's clothing all made in USA except for the fall sweaters and tights.

Paul Fredrick: Makers of fine men's dress shirts, ties, suits, socks, and accessories.

PDY Systems: Makers of Lift-N-Lok toolboxes with compartmented storage drawers, a storage bin for larger items, and a locking handle.

Peaceland Guitar Rings: Guitar slides made from brass, stainless, or glass-coated metal combination for a range of tonal possibilities.

Peach Fur Fleece: Wholesale hypoallergenic fleece blankets and garments in all colors.

Pendleton Woolen Mills: Beautiful wool short coats and jackets made in USA from wool cloth woven in the Pendleton mills. Please note, some items are imported.

Peterboro Basket Co.: Hand-woven baskets of all sorts, for serving, saving, organizing, laundry and more.

Phoenix Manufacturing: Makers of high efficiency evaporative cooling products in window, portable, or whole-house units.

Pickard China: Makers of fine American china, including for U.S. embassies, elegant hotels and restaurants, and you!

Ping: Ping is a brand of high quality golf equipment, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters. The company was a pioneer in the production of putters. Ping remains one of the few golf manufacturers in the U.S., with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

Pintech USA: Electronic percussion instruments made in USA.

Pit Bull Products: Motorcycle stands, trailer restraints, and steering stabilizers, made in USA.

PJ's Carousel: Wooden pull toys with a carousel theme, plus wonderful miniature reproductions of carousel horses that still exist and operate on America's Carousels.

Poetic Justice: Sustainable wedding gowns made from organic cottons, cotton embroidery, hemp silk, and fluid bamboo.

Pointer Brand: Kids carpenter jeans, camo pants, coveralls, and shorts.

Polar Breeze Bandanas: Cooling neck wraps made from cotton bandanas with a pocket filled with crystals that absorb, and slowly release, water to provide evaporative cooling.

Polly Products: Outdoor benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles, and bike racks, all made from recycled plastic.

Poly-Wood, Inc.: Casual outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic lumber.

Polyform Products Co.: Oven-bake clay great for artists of all ages.

POOF-Slinky: Slinky toys and many POOF foam balls still made at facilities in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Pool Shot: Portable and deck-mounted ball games (volleyball, basketball, and football), made in USA for park pools, swim clubs, or backyard swimming pools.

Port A Cool: Makers of portable evaporative cooling units, perfect for home workshops, garages, factories, and storage areas.

Portable Kitchens: Charcoal grills made from cast aluminum, in a design made famous in the 1950's, 60's and 70's.

Power Shelf: An outlet cover complete with a small shelf that keeps hand-held electronics off the floor or counter during charging.

Power Shelf: An outlet cover complete with a small shelf that keeps hand-held electronics out of harms way during charging, and charger cords out of sight.

Prairie Leisure: Outdoor furniture, including Adirondack furniture, made form Spanish Cedar or North American hardwoods.

Pranzo Bags: Very fun and stylish handbags from Posh by Tori.

Preemie Yums: Clothing and accessory items for premature infants up through six pounds.

Preserve Products: Makers of kitchen and tableware, including cutting boards, collanders, bowls, and cutlery, all made from 100% recycled plastics in wonderful bright colors.

Primo Baby: Potty Trainer for toddlers.

Primo Grills and Smokers: Ceramic grills and smokers that keep more of the heat in than metal grills, and made in USA!

Prizer Painter Stove Works: Makers of the restaurant quality BlueStar line of ranges, cooktops, charbroilers, and wall ovens.

Pro Tool Industries: Utility knives and saws, plus Woodman's Pal land clearing tool.

Pro-Tect Socks: American Made Copper Socks

Protexall: Union made company uniforms and work gear

Pumpkin Creek Clothing: Cotton interlock tops, pants, shorts, skirts and dresses.

Purcell Trench Mfg: Ultra-lightweight camping grills and tarp shelters.

PYREX: Heat-resistant glass that goes from oven or microwave to table to dishwasher.